Designed by Nigel Calland.

Being in the fitness and fashion world for over 5 years I have gained knowledge on how we want our clothes to fit and the reason behind it. The brand is aimed at everyone, all walks of life.

Fitting all body types. BITS collection is a Men’s and Women’s fashion brand, BITS®️ comes from the urban saying “DOING BITS”, this basically means doing good things.

I’m creating a positive movement that can inspire people to make good choices and do BITS®️.

There’s no other movement like this, creating positive energy in today’s world.

The products are all about delivering a unique fit using only high quality materials which have been hand selected. Not to mention unique detailing that’s built to last.

The brand aims to create trans-seasonal collections, establishing a strong sense of individuality.

The garments are to be worn for all occasion’s, going out, at leisure and casual wear. It’s only the beginning of our collection, so the sky is the limit.

The brand was established in 2017.